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2001 Movie Review July 23, 1999

The cinematography is the best there is, but why does it have to be so boring, don't get me wrong I really like science
fiction movies and especially love Stanely Kubrick films ( A Clockwork Orange, The Shining and Full Metal Jacket)
there seem to be no story here. A classic film?? I think not!!!

subject: 2001 moron

You didn't "get" 2001?!!

Are you a complete moron or just intellectually lazy?

Quick synopsis: The monolith is a alien intelligence that has caused the

evolution of man.Thus, the apes experience it and pick up a "tool" (ie the

bone that is used as a weapon) Men in the year 2001 experience the monolith

and one of these men goes through a transformation at the end of the movie

to a new, advanced life form. (The room is created for him for comfort

through this process)

The whole Hal thing is how man has failed at creating an artificial

intelligence. Unfortunately, that intelligence eventually tries to wipe out

its human "competition".

I hope, now that you have been spoon-fed the point to this story, you can

appreciate it. Sorry there were no computer-generated dinosaurs too keep


attention. I guess Pulp Fiction was too confusing for you too, huh?


Sun, 28 Nov 1999 22:42:7 -0800 (PST)


thank you for e-mail and I am very sorry I am late to reply.

I don't know if I'm either lazy or stupid??

maybe I'm pretty thick instead!!!

I think (if I can) that Kubrick is very overrated as Arthur c Clark is. 2001 didn't

make sense to me Sorry!! I love Kubrick versions of A Clockwork Orange,

The Shining and Full Metal Jacket but the rest suck doggy's balls. But I got

2001 soundtrack which is one of my favourites(Yes I can use a CD player all on

my own if you can believe that!!!)I have quite a collection of scifi movie

soundtracks if that possible

I generally like all scifi movies from War of the Worlds to even Star Wars 1, if

can believe that I just didn't get 2001, sorry if that offends you, it maybe a

classic but it is beautiful to watch I just don't understand why it's such a crime.

Please shoot me for enjoying Starship Trooper!!!

Please note: I hated Jurassic Park and I also loved Pulp Fiction (I seen 5 times

on the big screen and countless times on video and DVD (widescreen versions

of course !!!))four rooms sucked, Jackie Brown - long but good,

Reservoir Dogs - good movie with excellent soundtrack From dusk to Dawn -

Bloodly good but I still like True Romance best of all sorry if that offends you.