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Expect the savage

The sensual. The Shocking.

The Sad. The Powerful. The Shameful.


Expect all that the motion picture screen

has never dared to show before.

Expect the truth.

Now you are ready for "Mandingo"





Directed by Richard Fleischer

Produced by Dino De Laurentiis

Writing credits

Kyle Onstott(novel)

Jack Kirkland(play)

Norman Wexler(script)

Cinematography by Richard H. Kline

Original music by Maurice Jarre

Casting by Lynn Stalmaster

Costume Design by Ann Roth



Perry King.... Hammond Maxwell

James Mason.... Warren Maxwell

Susan George.... Blanche

Ken Norton.... Mede

Brenda Sykes.... Ellen

Lillian Hayman.... Lucrezia Borgia

Earl Maynard.... Babouin

Roy Poole.... Doc Redfield

Richard Ward .... Agamemnon

Paul Benedict.... Brownlee

Ji-Tu Cumbuka.... Cicero



Mandingo(1975) is set in the ruin down plantation called Falconhurst in the deep south of America in 1800's and it owners Warren Maxwell and his son Hammond who breed slaves for profit and pleasure. Warren, a widower spends most of his time drunk complaining about his rheumatiz and wanting 16 year old son Ham to get married a white girl so Falconhurst can have white male heir(but he can still sleep with his nigger wenches). Ham finally caves in and marries his cousin Blanche (who has been sleeping with her brother for many years). Meanwhile Ham buy a Mandingo slave called Mede so he can train to fight and breed, Mede win all his fights and they become the best of friends despite the race issue. But Ham can't stop his wenching so Blanche get really pissed sleeps with his fighting stud Mede, Ham find out, poisons Blanche, Mede boils alive and old masa Warren get shot. The End.


This is a excellent adaptation by Norman Wexler(Saturday Night Fever, Serpico and Joe), based on best-selling novel by Kyle Onstott (more than 20 million copies sold) Mandingo was the big studio Paramount stab at 70's Blaxpliotation, which was of course a box office hit it was quickly followed by a squeal “Drum (1976)”.



It has been called many things -Trashy potboiler, racist, Offensive and sick and disturbing,"camp classic" politically incorrect. Mandingo was trashed by many critics when first released in the USA, but was acclaimed when released in Great Britain as a "Gothic Classic". Mandingo is very really screen on TV, and only avaiable on VHS tape but very unlike to get DVD release which is a pity, comparing Mandingo to "Roots"(the Oprah Winfrey Version of Slavery)and the Unbelevible stupid "Gone With The Wind"(made by and for the guilty white men) Mandingo is more trueful and faithful to this sad era in American history.




Behind The Scenes

Director Richard Fleischer had refused Dino de Laurentiis ten times when he had asked him to film the novel Mandingo

The role of Mede once intended for Muhammad Ali (but find out he couldn't act after seeing him in Freedom Road & AKA Cassius Clay)

Norman Wexler won the British Film Institute Award for Best Script for Mandingo

Made for $5,000,000 made $25,000,000 upon release





Picture Gallery to follow soon


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