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US Bestsellers 1895-1975
(judge by number of copies sold)

1. The Godfather: Mario Puso; 1969
2. The Exorcist: William Blatty; 1971
3. To Kill a Mockingbird; Harper Lee; 1960
4. Peyton Place: Grace Matalious; 1956
5. Love Story: Erich Segal;1970
6. Valley of the Dolls: Jaquelin Susan;1966
7. Jaws: Peter Benchley; 1974
8. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull: Richrd Bach;1970
9. Gone with the Wind: Margarete Mitchell;1936
10.God's Little Acre: Erskine Caldwell;1933
11.1984: George Orwell;1949
12.In His Steps: Charles Monroe Sheldon;1897
13.The Carpetbaggers: Harold Robbins;1961
14.The Happy Hooker: Xaviera Hollander;1972
15.Animal Farm: George Orwell;1946
16.Lady Chatterley's Lover:D.H. Lawrence;1932
17.Catch-22:Joseph Heller;1961
18.I,the Jury: Mickey Spillane;1947
19.The Great Gatsby:F. Scott Fitzgerald;1925
20.The Catcher in the Rye: J.D. Salinger
21.The Big Kill: Mickey Spillane;1951
22.Rich Man, Poor Man: Irwin Shaw;1970
23.Airport: Arthur Hailey;1968
24.Exudus: Leon Uris;1958
25.My Gun is Quick: Mickey Spillane;1950
26.One Lonely Night: Mickey Spillane;1951
27.Kiss me, Deadly: Mickey Spillane;1952
28.The Long Wait: Mickey Spillane;1951
29.Vengeance is Mine: Mickey Spillane;1959
30.Fear of Flying:Erica Jong;1973
31.Doctor Zhivago:Boris Pasternak;1958
32.I Never Promised you a Rose Garden:Joanne Greenberg;1964

33.Mandingo:Kyle Onstott;1957
34.Never Love a Stranger:Harold Robbins;1948
35.The Adventurers: Harold Robbins;1966
36.Tragic Ground:Erskine Caldwell;1944
37.The Ugly American: William J.Lederer and Eugene L.Burdick;1958
38.Once is not Enough: Jaqueline Susann;1973
39.The Good Earth: Pearl S.Buck;1931
40.The Love Machine:Jaqueline Susann;1969
41.Rosemary's Baby:Ira Levin;1967
42.Return to Peyton Place:Grace Metalious;1959
43.Thunderball: Ian Fleming;1965
44.79 Park Avenue: Harold Robbins;1955
45.The Other Side of Midnight:Sidney Sheldon;1973
46.The Winthrop Women: Anya Seton;1958
47.Up and Down Staircase: Bel Kaufmann;1965
48.Where Love has Gone: Harold Robbins;1962
49.Hawaii:James A. Mitchener;1959
50.Journeyman: Erkines Caldwell;1935
51.Portnoy's Complain: Philip Roth;1969
52.Christy: Catharine Marshall;1967
53.Tobacco Road: Erskine Caldwell;1932
54.Goldfinger: Ian Fleming;1959
55.The Robe: LLoyd C. Douglas;1942
56.Lost Horizon: James Hilton;1935
57.From Here to Eternity:James Jones;1951
58.Lolita: Vlademir Nabokov;1958
59.The Other: Thomas Tryon;1971
60.Trouble in July:Erskine Caldwell;1940
61.Centennial: James A. Mitchener;1974
62.Butterfield 8:John O'Hara;1935
63.The Case of the Sulky Girl: Erle Stanley Gardner;1933
64.Mutiny on the Bounty:Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall;1932
65.Duel in the Sun:Niven Busch;1944
66.Georgia Boy: Erskine Caldwell;1943
67.The Case of the Lucky Legs: Erle Stanley Gardner:1934
68.The Arrangement: Elia Kazan;1967
69.Pocket Book of Short Stories: M.E. Speare (ed.)1941
70.On Her Majesty's Secret Service: Ian Fleming;1963
71.The Razor's Edge: W.Somerset Maugham;1944
72.All Quite on the Western Front: Erich Maria Remarque;1929
73.A Stone for Danny Fisher: Harold Robbins;1952
74.A House in the Uplands: Erskine Caldwell;1946
75.The Betsy: Harold Robbins;1971
76.From Russia with Love: Ian Fleming;1957
77.Couples:John Updike:1968
78.You Live only Twice: Ian Fleming;1964
79.Doctor No:Ian Fleming;1958
80.The Group: Mary McCarthy;1963
81.The Green Berets:Robin Moore;1965
82.The Chinese Room:Vivian Connell;1942
83.The Vixens:Frank Yerby;1947
84.The Royal Box:Frances Parkinson Keyes;1954
85.The Dream Merchants: Harold Robbins;1949
86.The Case of the Haunted Husband: Erle Stanley Gardner;1941
87.Captains and the Kings:Taylor Caldwell;1972
88.Anatomy of a Murder:Robert Traver;1958
89.The Case of the Curious Bride:Erle Stanley Gardner;1934
90.Casino Royale: Ian Fleming;1953
91.Tropic of Cancer: Henry Miller;1961
92.The Red Badge of Courage:Stephen Crane;1896
93.The Summer of'42:Herman Raucher;1971
94.Magnificent Obsession:Lloyd Douglas;1929
95.The Cardinal:Henry Morton Robinson;1950
96.Forever Amber:Kathleen Winsor;1944
97.The Case of the Velvet Claws:Erle Stanley Gardner;1933
98.The Sure Hand of God: Erskine Caldwell;1947
99.The Case of the Rolling Bones: Erle Stanley Gardner 1939
100.Fountainhead:Ayn Rand;1943
101.The Pirate:Harold Robins;1974
102.Live and Let Die: Ian Fleming;1954
103.Moonraker:Ian Fleming;1955
104. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich:William L. Shirer;1960
105.The Agony and the Ecstacy:Irving Stone:1961
106.The Case of the Silent Partner:Erle Stanley Gardner;1940
107.For Your Eyes Only:Ian Fleming;1960
108.The Case of the Counterfeit Spy: Erle Stanley Gardner;1935
109.Rebecca: Daphne du Maurier;1938
110.Tales of the South Pacific:James A. Michener;1947
111.The Naked and the Dead: Norman Mailer;1948
112.The Chapman Report:Irving Wallace;1960
113.Never Leave Me: Harold Robbins;1954
114.The Spy who Loved Me: Ian Fleming;1962
115.The Case of the Caretakers Cat: Erle Stanley Gardner;1935
116.The Best of Everything: Rona Jaffe;1959
117.The Case of a Substitute Face:Erle Stanley Gardner;1938
118.The Gulag Archipelago: Alexander Solzhenitsyn;1974
119.The Case of the Baited Hook:Erle Stanley Gardner;1940
120.Around the World with Aunti Mame:Patrick Dennis;1958
121.The Foxes of Harrow: Frank Yerby;1946
122.The Case of the Stuttering Bishop: Erle Stanley Gardner;1936
123.The French Lieutenant's Woman:John Fowls;1969
124.The Source:James A. Michener;1965
125.On The Beach:Nevil Shute;1957
126.Brave New World: Aldous Huxley:1932
127.Not as a Stranger:Morton Thompson;1954
128.Diamonds are Forever:Ian Fleming;1956
129.The Odessa File:Frederick Forsyth;1972
130.The Case of the Sleepwalkers Niece: Erle Stanley Gardner;1936
131.The Inheritors: Harold Robbins;1969
132.Battle Cry: Leon Uris;1953 *
133.Of Human Bondage: W. Somerset Maugham;1915

134.Drum: Kyle Onstott;1962
135.Wheels: Arthur Hailey;1971
136.The Case of the Half-Wakened Wife: Erle Stanley Gardner;1945
137.The Case of the Blacked-eyed Blond: Erle Stanley Gardner;1945
138.The Glorious Pool:Thorne Smith;1934
139.Topper: Thorne Smith;1926
140.This Very Earth: Erskine Caldwell;1948
141.The Drifters: James A. Michener;1971
142.Papillon: Henri Charriere;1970
143.Womens Barracks: Tereska Torres;1950
144.A Tree Grows in Brooklyn:Betty Smith;1943
145.The Case of the Dangerous Dowager: Erle Stanley Gardner;1937
146.The Case of the Lame Canary:Erle Stanley Gardner;1937
147.Advise and Consent: Alan Drury;1959
148.Fail-Safe:Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler;1962
149.No Time for Sergeants: Mac Hyman;1954
150.So Well Remmembered: James Hilton;1945 151.The Chosen: Chaim Potok;1968
152.The New Centurions: Joseph Waumbaugh: 1970
153.The Jungle: Upton Sinclair;1906
154. Singing Guns: Max Brand; 1938
155.The Day of the Jackal: Frederick Forsyth; 1971
156.Pavilion of Women: Pearl S. Buck; 1946
157.The Passionate Wit: Thorne Smith; 1941
158.Cannery Row: John Steinbeck;1945
159.Strange Fruit: Lillian Smith;1944
160.B.F.'s Daughter: John P. Marquand; 1946
161.Serpico:Peter Maas;1973
162.The Crazy Ladies: Joyce Elbert;1970
163.The Pearl: John Steibeck;1947
164.The Damned: John D. MacDonald
165.Kitty: Rosamond Marshall;1943
166.The Case of the Empty Tin: Erle Stanley Gardner;1941
167.This is Murder: Erle Stanley Gardner;1935
168.The Case of the Careless Kitten: Erle Stanley Gardner;1942
169.2001: A Space Oddyssey: Arthur C.Clarke;1968
170.Dark Fires: Rosemary Rogers;1975
171.Mr.Roberts: Thomas Heggen;1946
172.The Case of the Cautious Coquette; Erle Stanley Gardner;1949
173.The Silver Chalice: Thomas B.Costain;1948 *
174.The Pocket Book of Erskine Caldwell Stories:Henri Seidel Canby (ed.) 1947
175.Prides Castle: Frank Yerby;1949
176.The Amboy Dukes: Irving Shulman;1947
177.The Clue of the Forgotten Murder: Erle Stanley Gardner;1935
178.Deliverance:James Dickey;1970
179.The Fan Club: Irving Wallace;1974
180.The Young Lions; Irwin Shaw;1948
181.Myra Brackinbridge: Gore Vidal;1968
182.Lord of the Flies: William Golding;1962
183.National Velvet: Enid Bagnold;1935
184.The Black Rose: Thomas B. Costain 1945
185.The Seven Minutes: Irving Wallace;1969
186.The Stranger: Albert Camus;1954 (French Version)
187.Rally Around the Flag,Boys!:Max Shulman; 1957
188.Prince of Foxes: Samuel Shallabarger;1947
189.The Deep: Mickey Spillane; 1961
190.The Case of the Golddiggers Purse: Erle Stanley Gardner;1945
191.The Man: Irving Wallace;1964
192.Topaz: Leon Uris;1967
193.The Revolt of Mamie Stover:William Bradford Huie;1951
194.The Grapes of Wrath:John Steinbeck; 1939
195.Karen: Marie Killilea;1952
196.Nevada: Zane Grey:1928
197.The Cain Mutiny: Herman Wouk;1954
198.Sanctuary: William Faulkner;1931
199.Seven Days in May: Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey 11;1962
200. Another Country:James Baldwin;1962
201.Leave Her to Heaven: Ben Ames Williams;1944
202.The Case of the Crooked Candle: Erle Stanley Gardner;1944
203.The Bramble Bush: Charles Mergendahl;1958
204.The Bridge of the River Kwai: Pierre Boulle;1954
205.The Case of the Borrowed Brunette: Erle Stanley Gardner;1946
206.The Tight White Collar: Grace Metalious;1960