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Falconhurst Fancy

Falconhurst Fugitive

Flight to Falconhurst

Golden Stud

Heir to Falconhurst


Mandingo Mansa

Mandingo Master

Mandingo Sister

Master of Falconhurst

Mistress of Falconhurst

Miz Lucretia of Falconhurst

The Mustee

Scandal of Falconhurst

Six-Fingered Stud

Sword of the Golden Stud

Taproots of Falconhurst


Falconhurst Fugitive

By Ashley Carter


Tommy Verder is not his real name but it will do for the present. Branded a slave, a runaway, a murderer, he is aman with a tortured past and a dangerous future. But now, for an idyllic moment, he enjoys a luxurious respite on the rich plantation owned by Anne-Jeanne Casale. Anne Jeanne - voluptuous, fagrant, golden haired - a widow with no knowledge of his unhappy history, a warm and genrous woman bewitched by his strange and beautiful body.

But the idyll cannot last for long. Outside, his enemies are gathering. The wanted posters adorn the Walls of the nearby towns. It is time for the runaway to take to his heels once again. Time for him to find a new name and take his chance in the wild city of New Orleans. It is time for the return of the six-fingered stud....