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Mandingo Mansa

By Ashley Carter


Hammond Maxwell, proud owner of the rich Falconhurst Plantation and it many slaves, is now a haunted man, tormented by the spirit of the great Mandingo slave he had slain. The Mandingo, Mede, had lain with Ham's own wife, and Ham's vengence had been terrible. but Mede's death is a great loss to Falconhurst:; as a Mandingan stud he was highly prized and , now it is illewgal to import slaves, he is irreplaceable. but the desire to find the perfect mandingan who will be the pride of Falconhurst becomes the driving obession that bring Ham back to life.

His quest takes him to Africa, to the jungle of the Senegal river where he meets Mansa Obed, Mandingan king ruling in splendor. Tall. proud. regal. skilled in the use of power. accustomed to command, irresistible to women black and white, Obed is a black like none Ham has never encountered. And when Ham lures Mansa Obed to America with him, he begins a savage contest of wills between them.

Obed will soon taste the whip of Falconhurst, know the humiliation of slavery and feel the fear of the runaway.And in Spanish Floria, where blacks snatch at a precarious freedom as General Jackson's troops advance to crush their indepence, he will also discover the depth of atrue love and the exhilaration of fighting a hated enemy in a just cause.

in Mansa Obed, Maxwell will encounter a spirit he cannot crush-a man who forces him to doubt the code of white superiority that has ruled his life,

Author note

As Kyle Onstott wrote in 1957 in his novel Mandingo, the Mandingo people were a Hamitic tribe of the western sudan- perhaps of Arab or Berber origin. They were proud, handsome, strong, robust. purebreed Mandingans were of a rich coppper colour, with moorish features.

The Mandingan Kingdom, established about 1200ad. had its capital at Timbutu. These people commanded a premium in the slave market because of their strength, vigour, beauty, delicacy and intelligence.

Only a few Mandingos were brought to the mainland of north America.

The mandingan king of this novel was one of these tragic beings. he was called "Mansa" by his subjects, the mandingan word for supreme ruler. he was regal in every sense of the word.

Ironically, "Mansa" is pronounced "Massa". the slave-word for the southern planation owner.

Ashley Carter