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Falconhurst Fancy

Falconhurst Fugitive

Flight to Falconhurst

Golden Stud

Heir to Falconhurst


Mandingo Mansa

Mandingo Master

Mandingo Sister

Master of Falconhurst

Mistress of Falconhurst

Miz Lucretia of Falconhurst

The Mustee

Scandal of Falconhurst

Six-Fingered Stud

Sword of the Golden Stud

Taproots of Falconhurst


Mistress of Falconhurst

By Lance Horner


"Strung up like a side of beef, she felt the terrible sting of the lash asit snaked across her buttocks"

like her namesake, Lucretia Borgia had ambition, guile and a stunning sexuality.

Auctioned off to Warren Maxwell, she soon gained an envied postion on the plantation.

But overwhelming desire for Omir, the new Mandingo salve, caused her to defy her master.

Retribution was swift...

In this latest addition to the famous Falconhurst series, candid scenes of love and lust depict the stark reality of a by gone age when to be white was to inherit the earth and to be black was to know fear.