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Falconhurst Fancy

Falconhurst Fugitive

Flight to Falconhurst

Golden Stud

Heir to Falconhurst


Mandingo Mansa

Mandingo Master

Mandingo Sister

Master of Falconhurst

Mistress of Falconhurst

Miz Lucretia of Falconhurst

The Mustee

Scandal of Falconhurst

Six-Fingered Stud

Sword of the Golden Stud

Taproots of Falconhurst


The Mustee

by Lance Horner


"he looked well srubbed, his skin shone, his blood hair crinkled, his eyes sparkled and his lips were red and moist." He was The Mustee-a young negro of part-German parentage who must masquerade as awhite man to save Falconhurst from sale and friends from death.